Avicopter Slips AC332, Models New Larger AHL

By Bradley Perrett
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
November 04, 2013
Credit: Avicopter

A proposed Russian-Chinese helicopter that has been nudging close to the size of the largest U.S. rotorcraft may turn out to be somewhat bigger. In its latest public review of product plans, China's Avicopter suggests that the Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) may be eclipsed only by Russia's giant Mil Mi-26.

Meanwhile, Avicopter has slipped the development schedule of a proposed 3.1-metric-ton (6,800-lb.) helicopter, revealed more data about the type and confirmed its designation as the AC332. The manufacturer has also set out its latest advances in rotorcraft onboard systems, including technology of crashworthy fuel tanks. This is a key issue because the Chinese industry is seriously lagging in electromechanical equipment and avionics.

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