Industrial Revolution Requires Data-Sharing

By Lee Ann Tegtmeier
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
October 28, 2013

Eliminating unplanned aircraft downtime would be a good thing, right? Imagine how operating assets that do not prematurely fail would optimize your operations. The productivity gains and cost savings would be immense.

Perhaps you think I am taking a utopian view of operations, but if your company and employees are not striving for innovation at the highest level, will you ever get there?

GE held its “Minds+Machines” event on Oct. 9, with the philosophy no longer debatable that “a new industrial revolution has been sparked by the convergence of connected machines, advanced analytics and people at work. It's underway and accelerating.”

GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt is leading the company through a disciplined build-out of technology, organizational talent and business architecture that, with partners, drives repeatable outcomes around valuable assets.

Immelt says this model requires:

•Interdisciplinary approaches, with the chief information officer intimately involved in core business development activities.

•Analytical and industrial worlds to intertwine.

•New processes and a working knowledge of data science.

•And perhaps the biggest challenge of reaching this level requires open systems and data-sharing. “This can be uncomfortable,” Immelt admits.

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