Rockwell Collins To Build End-to-End EFVS

By John Croft
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Rockwell Collins says its EVS-3000 will operate “across a broader range” of the infrared spectrum, making it “the first EVS to detect the full spectrum of runway lighting, including new LED systems being installed by airports worldwide.”

The company did not divulge details of the design, but high-level statements suggest a multisensor suite that will cover a portion of the visual spectrum (0.5-0.7 microns) to pick up LED lights, as well as a portion of the short-wave (0.7-3 microns), midwave (3-5 microns) and possibly long-wave (8-12 microns) spectrum to capture airport lighting and the environment.

Bob Yerex, vice president of sales for Astronics Max-Viz, a provider of “not for credit” uncooled enhanced vision systems for general and business aviation, sees the biggest challenge coming from the midwave sensor. He says Max-Viz has looked at uncooled midwave sensors in the past, but has not yet found any that meet its performance or reliability expectations.

Jeff Standerski, Rockwell Collins's vice president and general manager of business and regional systems, explains that the company has developed algorithms to maximize the signal versus noise for the uncooled sensors to get the performance needed. “We believe the real magic is in the software,” he says.

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