Britain Adapts To Fresh Crop Of Transports

By Francis Tusa
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
September 30, 2013

By around 2020, the U.K. will have almost completely renewed its air transport and refueling fleet.

The Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules will be gone, apart from a handful for Special Forces support, following the much older C-130K, which is already on its way out. The Vickers VC10 (a hand-me-down from the old state-run British Airways), which has been qualified as “venerable” for close to a decade, made its last ceremonial fly-by around the U.K. on Sept. 20. Another British Airways castoff, the Lockheed TriStar, survives in a state of disrepair, only as long as is necessary to transport troops in and out of Afghanistan.

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