New Medium SAM Displayed At Moscow Air Show

By Bill Sweetman
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
September 09, 2013
Credit: Bill Sweetman/AWST

As U.S. planners debate options for aircraft or missile attacks against Syria (see page 26), Russian industry—still dependent both on domestic and export sales—is continuing to develop new systems that will allow its customers to strengthen anti-access and area-denial capabilities.

Among the weapons displayed for the first time at the MAKS air show at Zhukovsky near here in late August was the Almaz-Antey S-350E Vityaz (Knight) surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. The S-350E is intended as a replacement for the 1980s-era S-300, with an emphasis on countering saturation attacks by both aircraft and munitions. It is being developed with export in mind, as well as part of a layered, mobile defense system for Russia that is topped by the new S-400 long-range SAM and the in-development S-500 ballistic missile defense system.

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