F-35B Starts Second Round Of Sea Trials

By Amy Butler, Graham Warwick
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Finally, a fix for jitter that occurred for symbiology displayed on the helmet visor during stressing scenarios, such as high-buffet flight, is being flown on an F-35A at Edwards AFB, Calif. The fix is the use of a software “filter” for the inertial measurement unit embedded in the helmet. Flight-testing is underway this month to validate this fix and determine whether additional work is needed.

This fix will have to be tracked as the flight envelope continues to open for the F-35 and as more taxing tasks, such as gun tracking, are undertaken in flight-testing.

Finally, Kendall will review the status of work to correct a poorly designed tailhook for the F-35C. The point of the hook, coupled with its distance from the landing gear, made it susceptible to bouncing and prevented it from scooping under the arresting wire.

Qualification testing for the new design began Aug. 8, and roll-in tests are slated for the first F-35C to receive the hook in December at Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, N.J. Flight tests with the new hook are slated for early next year as preparations for the initial sea trials for the F-35C are completed late next summer, Siebert says. Aircraft built in LRIP 7 will be the first to include the new arresting hook.

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