Infantry Gets Major Role In Restructured Bundeswehr

By Nicholas Fiorenza
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Under the new concept, marksmanship training is conducted in building blocks or modules. Before live firing, soldiers practice shooting techniques and determine mistakes in an environment called the marksmanship simulator for small arms and infantry anti-tank weapons training system. During basic training, soldiers complete a module on rifle and pistol marksmanship, followed by modules on short-range marksmanship, individual firing and air defense. The individual-firing module prepares soldiers for firing as part of a unit, with drills for firing under combat conditions with a heavy load. After the modules comes specific training for different combat arms and pre-deployment training, such as firing from vehicles during patrols and urban operations.

Pre-deployment training takes place in the German army's GUZ combat training center in Letzlingen. For two weeks in May, 800 soldiers and 200 vehicles of the 10th Panzer Div.'s Panzer Brigade 12 prepared for their mission as a partnering and advisory task force in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan. Exercises covered responding to ambushes while on patrol, search operations and relieving another force. Infantry played an important role practicing search techniques while securing an area, with the support of Aladin and Mikado mini-UAVs.

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