Pilot Report Proves A400M’s Capabilities

By Fred George
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

But even if the eight announced customers remain the sole users, the aircraft may yet prove its worth. With near-jetliner cruise speed, the A400M may be the fastest way to transport troops, arms, fuel and supplies to unimproved landing strips close to the front lines, and to rush casualties back to top-tier emergency medical facilities.

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Airbus Military A400M-180
Dimensions (ft./meters)
Overall Length148/45.1
Wings pan139.1/42.4
Overall Height48.2/14.7
Cargo Compartment
Width (maximum)15.1/4.6
Width (floor)13.1/4.0
Seating3 crew + 116 troops
Engine4 x EPI TP400-D6
Output (ISA)11,065 shp each
Wing Loading130.4 lb./sq. ft.
Power Loading7.02 lb./shp.
Noise (EPNdB)96.9/91.8/102.5*
Weights (lb./kg.)
Max Ramp311,732/141,401
Zero Fuel254,850/115,599
Operating Weight Empty176,400/80,015
Max Payload78,450/35,585
Useful Load135,332/61,386
Troop Payload — 116 @ 300 lb.34,800/15,785
Max Fuel without cargo hold tanks110,704/50,215
Payload with Max Fuel24,628/11,171
Fuel with Max Payload56,882/25,802
Fuel with Troop Payload100,532/45,601
MmoMach 0.720
Vmo/Flight Level300 kt./FL 245
Ceilings (ft./meters)
Military Mission37,000/11,278
All-Engine Service37,000/11,278
Sea Level Cabin19,400/5,913
Sources: Airbus Military, EASA and AW&ST

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