Defense Feels Budget Squeeze, Fuel Savings Boost Civil Airframers

By Joseph C. Anselmo
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Back on the growth side of the industry—commercial aviation—the key concern is whether the supply chain can keep pace as Airbus and Boeing raise monthly production rates and entrants from Canada, China and Russia push into the lucrative narrowbody jet market. “The commercial suppliers are stressed, but there is no real evidence they can't keep up,” says consultant and TPC adviser Tony Velocci, a former editor-in-chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Thompson has a similar view. “I have not seen any major disruptions,” he says. But the sector “requires vigilance, given that the supply chain is producing at unprecedented volume.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was updated to correct data in the table labeled “Average Five-Year Ranking: Revenues Between $1-5 Billion.”

2013 Top Performers

Source: TPC database


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