Growing Home Economies May Boost African Carriers

By Jens Flottau
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Middle East airlines are a particular threat because the majority of long-haul travel growth is coming from new traffic flows such as Asia-Africa, for which the hubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha are ideally located. Much as Qantas Airways suffered from being an end-of-the-line carrier on the “Kangaroo Route” connecting Australia and Europe, carriers such as SAA are put at a geographic disadvantage. And it seems that they are reaching similar conclusions: Qantas teamed up with Emirates; SAA is now working with Etihad. In addition to code-sharing with Etihad, Kenya Airways is looking for ways to exploit the North Africa-Asia market through Nairobi, as is Star Alliance member Ethiopian Airlines through Addis Ababa.

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