New Flight Deck Could Ease NextGen For Older Aircraft

By John Croft
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

Dyment says U.S. airlines will have to decide their retrofit path in the next two years in order to meet the FAA's 2020 deadline for automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast “out,” an upgrade that will probably be packaged with other NextGen capabilities such as performance-based navigation, which will likely require GPS and a new FMS.

In negotiating the best prices, he says airlines will have to “be the initiators to open up the purchasing agreements to let in the innovators.” Along with IS&S, he says price innovators include ACSS, Esterline CMC Electronics, BendixKing and Garmin International.

“We don't want to pay $500,000 for what costs $50,000,” he says of the NextGen equipage fund.

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