NATO’s Afghan Drawdown Poses Logistics Challenges

By Francis Tusa London
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology

The fratricide concept affects other areas, too. One standard assumption for most ISAF countries is that they can “donate” or “gift” equipment to Afghan forces. For example, the RDTF transferred 13 of its 81 Patria armored vehicles to Estonian forces, while Bushmaster and Patria armored vehicles and Mercedes-Benz all-terrain vehicles were taken over by the Dutch police training mission, which has since ended.

However, if all forces are donating equipment, the market becomes bloated with surplus, and recipients may be choosy about what they accept.

One issue to consider for non-U.S. contingents is that a massive amount of new equipment has been supplied by the U.S. to Afghan forces, so used materiel from other ISAF countries is far less attractive. The probability that there will be a lack of long-term support for equipment maintenance after the drawdown also reduces the luster of equipment gifts for the Afghan government.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nicholas Fiorenza in Brussels and Christina Mackenzie in Paris both contributed to this report. Their contribution was not mentioned in the print edition.

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