U.K. Evaluates Future Fighter Weapons, Sensors

By Angus Batey
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
February 24, 2014

Key capabilities fielded by Britain's Royal Air Force in Afghanistan and highly prized across the NATO-led coalition face uncertain futures once the Tornado GR4 aircraft is retired toward the end of the decade. As the RAF looks ahead to a fleet comprising Typhoons and F-35Bs, there are no plans in place to retain two systems that have become invaluable in-theater.

The Tornado GR4 can launch a low-collateral strike on a moving target with the dual-mode seeker Brimstone missile, and access high-resolution stand-off reconnaissance imagery with the DB-110 sensor carried in the Raptor pod system. Neither is as yet planned to be carried on the Typhoon or F-35.

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