Finmeccanica Sells To India Despite AW101 Cancellation

By Jay Menon , Tony Osborne
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology
January 13, 2014
Credit: AgustaWestland

India's decision to terminate a contract to buy 12 helicopters from AgustaWestland has rekindled hopes among rival helo-makers, but the Anglo-Italian company is still looking for business in the country, despite the stain of a bribery scandal.

India made its largest defense contract cancellation, terminating on Jan. 1 its $770 million contract for the purchase of the AW101 helicopters. It did so on grounds of breach of the pre-contract integrity pact, amid allegations that Finmeccanica-owned AgustaWestland had paid bribes to win the deal. The scandal's reverberations continue and have been felt as far off as Norway, the latest AW101 buyer, which could fine the company if the allegations hold up in court.

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